05 Dec, 2018

Live Streaming for New Artists and Bands

Technology has already changed the music industry and how we consume music, almost beyond recognition. Back in the day, having a physical copy of your favourite album was the norm, whereas now, digital media has rendered CDs almost obsolete and music streaming services are dominating.

13 Aug, 2018

MTV Video Music Awards: Video with a Message – Analysis

With the MTV Video Music Awards coming up, we've been taking a look at the nominees and their music videos. Award categories such as "Best Cinematography" and "Video of the Year" are getting our music video directors talking, but it's the "Video with a Message" accolade that's really got us interested. As the VMA’s celebrate all things music video production, we take a look at the significance of the “Video with a Message” category, what it means for music videos and why a strong Narrative music video is important for emerging artists and bands.

18 May, 2018


‘This is America’ is the most talked about music video of the year. Yes I know it’s only May but I can’t remember a music video’s spread being so far and wide. From The New York Times to The View to our homes and places of work; ‘This is America’ has infiltrated our lives.


We love music videos but every once in a while, a video is made that changes everything. We’ve made a list and the only rule is: one entry per artist. So here is EPiK’s Top 5 Game Changing Music Videos…

07 Feb, 2018

The £500 Music Video

We made this music video to demonstrate what can be done for just £500 with some imagination and a little know how.

06 Apr, 2018

Why Music Video Directors Make Great Commercial Directors

When you think of adverts and music videos, you would tend to think they would require a different skill set. However, Music Video Directors aren't solely limited to music videos. Here's why they make great commercial directors.

25 Jul, 2017

Music Promotion: Soundcloud vs Mixcloud

Getting your music heard by your audience is difficult without a record label behind you. Luckily there are loads of different music distribution websites around to help you out. Here, Birmingham-based Drum & Bass DJ Zach Moran shares his experience of using two of the biggest music websites out there: Mixcloud and Soundcloud. Read some pros and cons of both, here.

13 Jul, 2017

Types of Music Video

Not all music videos are made equal, and guess what? It isn’t a bad thing. There are different types of music videos that work best for different artists and different types of music. So what are they? Not to be confused with genre (which would basically be the same as film genres) this is the rundown of the different types of videos and where I’d say they’re placed best.

25 Apr, 2017

Top 5 Myths of Filming Music Videos

Close your eyes and picture a director; it’s probably some bearded guy in a checkered shirt and baseball cap. It’s easy to get a very specific idea into your head about something, it’s easier to have no idea at all! Here are the top 5 myths about filming music videos.

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