Music Video Production Services

The Showreel

EPiK makes only 100% original creative videos in many different styles. Check out the examples on this page and use this contact form to start discussing how to turn your ideas into music video gold.



Don’t blame it on the boogie! But when we wrote down all the music video production services we provide, it was a happy jumble of variety, tastes and styles to suit most imaginations. Whether you want a simple clean performance video or a special effects music video extravaganza, we can make it happen for you. We are creative, dynamic & cost effective. This ensures we provide you with competitive service for every music video we produce. And that aint a bad thing at all.

Narrative Music Videos

Set the world alight with a creative, Narrative Music Video production. Sometimes, it’s not just the tunes that make music videos memorable...

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Lyric Music Videos

Lyric videos have been around for years. Originally intended as a low-cost and quick way of getting an artist some publicity from the likes of YouTube...

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VFX Music Videos

Add some Visual Effects to your music video production, and the possibilities are endless. As they say in the musical Chicago, ‘Give ‘em the old razzle...

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Green Screen Music Videos

Let your imagination run wild with a Green Screen Performance Video. Ever since Anakin Skywalker first set foot on the verdant planet of Naboo in ‘Star Wars...

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Electronic Press Kit Packages

EP-What ?! Introducing...The EPiK Electronic Press Kit. Like George Foreman did when he tasted his first grilled burger, we like the EPK...

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Animation Music Videos

Animation: Making Your Music Video Production Iconic. Most music video production companies are happy to play it safe. They offer the basics...

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Performance Music Videos

Let the tunes do the talking with a Performance Video. Sometimes you want to just strip it back. You don’t need the fancy narratives or the choreography...

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Live Lounge Music Videos

Make your performance video all about the music with a Live Lounge Video. As much as we love our high-class music video production values...

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Interview Videos

Got Something To Say? Get an Interview Video! So, the music video creation process is over. But what comes next? We at EPiK could sit back and watch...

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Live Event Filming

Live Event filming: Show us your gigs! Queen at Live Aid. Pink Floyd at Pompeii. The Beatles at Shea Stadium. Each a gig that was captured in a...

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Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Go behind the music with a Behind-the-Scene music video production. Let’s face it. We’re all very nosey. There’s something irresistible about peeling back...

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