17 Dec, 2012

How to Avoid Making a Crap Music Video?

There are many do’s when it comes to music video production but even more dont’s. Speaking as a long limbed man (and a music video director) I can give you a list of things not to do as long as my arm both from personal experience, seeing someone else make it or from a funny anecdote.

13 Dec, 2012

Music Video Director Lorraine Patterson Talks about Filming a Music Video.

As Music Video Director Lorraine Patterson has just finished working on Andrew Paul’s new video and I had a chance to catch up with her and ask a few questions. Here is the excerpt.

10 Dec, 2012

5 essential tips for Filming Live Music Events

The phrase conjures up a whole host of great images: a guitarist, rocking out under purple lights; a vocalist, his face, dripping with sweat, screaming into a mic... whilst a crowd of the young and excited shout back his every word.

04 Dec, 2012

How to Promote your Music Online?

Are you someone who is looking to get your name out there in the world of music? If you are young and new, chances are that you won’t have a big label backing you up with all the PR people running campaigns for you.

27 Nov, 2012

How do you raise production Values on a Music Video?

What makes a music video a cut above the rest? Is it costumes? Cameras? Crew? Lenses? Truth is, it's all these things - and more...

26 Nov, 2012

Looking beyond MySpace: Where to Advertise your Music ?

In my last article Is MySpace worth it for musicians? i discussed the over-reliance on MySpace on the part of younger talent. Now, let’s try and explore a few more possible options for musicians that many just seem to overlook.

22 Nov, 2012

Is MySpace Worth it for Musicians?

We have come a long way since 2000, when the first Internet bubble burst. Back in the days IT stocks were climbing up like the Prince on Rapunzel’s hair. Everyone wanted to get on the dot com bandwagon, at times without a clue, just because everyone else was doing it.

22 Nov, 2012

How Much Does a Music Video Cost?

Budgeting. Every accountant’s fantasy, every director’s nightmare. Before you start ploughing through that spreadsheet, heed some gentle advice: you don’t have to spend big to get great results!

05 Nov, 2012

Fuse Director and VFX artist, Tom Phillips, spills the VFX

When Epik Music Videos asked me to do the video for Fuse, it was a slightly daunting, but exciting, prospect. Fuse wanted modern interactive style vfx elements combined with a slick studio look, on a tiny budget.

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