Music Video Director Lorraine Patterson Talks about Filming a Music Video.

  • Lorraine Patterson
  • 13 Dec, 2012

As Music Video Director Lorraine Patterson has just finished working on Andrew Paul’s new video and I had a chance to catch up with her and ask a few questions. Here is the excerpt.

SS: Lorraine, you have your own style that involves a lot of background imagery and special effects? Could you tell us more about your work ?

LP: Special effects...I have studied Graphic Design, Animation etc...I am not a story writer or a story telling person and my main objective when doing a music video is TIMING.

You have things in your head and how you can re-create it. Sometimes I have things in my head that can’t be done in the real world and that’s when you go into effects.

SS: How was working with Andrew?

LP: Andrew has been the easiest client I have worked with. It was a totally smooth sailing, no problem at all.

Actually it’s a little scary because when somebody isn’t demanding and is not saying well I want this, the pressure is more on, because you want to give yourself those limit and make sure you are still reaching that standard.

SS: Andrew’s new video seems different from normal Reggae videos. What made you opt for it?

LP: The song was very catchy and I was very impressed by it, and to do it justice, it’s very easy to just listen to the song and not see anything with it. You can listen to it in a car and go along with it going along in your head. But it was the first music video you are introducing an artist and you want something different. There are so many different artists out there and the usual reggae video I was watching them with my partner and we wanted something that would stand out. When you watch the video, whether you like it, dislike it or agree with it but you’d remember it for being different.

SS: What was your thought, as a director, behind this video?

LP: “This day and age, this digital age, people have got such a short attention span and it’s very difficult to get people to keep on watching anything for more than a minute or two.

We weren’t wearing no big set of jewellery, big fancy rings, big watch cars, none of that was there...champagne ...there was none of it. We wanted to strip right back to what it is about and I think that is important. Everything has its place... and you can do those things... and you can do those things in a certain way tastefully, and that was important to me personally as a video maker.

SS: In the future, would you like to experiment with any particular video genres?

LP: My first love has always been Reggae, Calypso and R&B really. I wouldn’t really want to do anything that just waved along....I like the beat, I like to cut to time and as long as it has got that element in the background, the driving force to the music, I am happy to go with it.

Watch Andrew Paul’s new video.

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