How Much Does a Music Video Cost?

  • Epik Music Videos
  • 22 Nov, 2012

Budgeting. Every accountant’s fantasy, every director’s nightmare. Before you start ploughing through that spreadsheet, heed some gentle advice: you don’t have to spend big to get great results!

Okay, some big name stars do spend millions on their music video. But, here’s the secret - you can have something that looks pretty great for as little as £1500. And this wouldn’t be scraping the barrel - for that total, you’d get a small crew, HD camera hire and a decent amount of edit time. Not bad, eh?

Basically, it comes down to you. What can you afford? What’s actually going on in your video?

One, naturally needs to another. The more you want happening, the more budget needs to fuel it. Simple, really!


If you’re filming some ‘rock music’ (or whatever the kids are into these days), a simple band performance in a good location is often more than good enough.

To add a bit of extra pazzazz, use a track and dolly. As you can imagine, this is easily accomplishable - perhaps even within a day!

Of course, that’s just the basic package. You could always throw in a few locations, a few outdoor shots... any extra to add a little bit of flair and production sheen.

Alternatively, why not go down the narrative/story route? Perhaps riff on the lyrics or themes of the song or album... or maybe just follow your instinct, and create something that complements the music in a more abstract, visual way.

The advantages? Storylines, especially if done by sole actors, can be shot in a matter of hours if necessary. However, again, it really comes down to what you actually want. If you want set-pieces in multiple locations with multiple actors, well... that spreadsheet is going to rack up numbers! But if you strip it down and keep it simple, your budget could be cheaper than ever.

Basically, a video is up to you. Anything you want can be in your video - from exotic dancers, to pillars of flame. It all comes down... to the bottom line!

So, if you’re looking to make something that looks great for the smallest possible cost, then think creatively. Who do you know that has a flashy car, who wouldn’t mind loaning it out for a day? Got any friends who can belly dance? Hang on, don’t you know that pair of twins that went to clown college?

Suddenly, a series of images are coming together! Perhaps, they’ll complement your song, perhaps not. Either way, have a talk to us. Talk us through your ideas, your aims, your budget - your ambitions. We know how this works, and we’ll definitely be able to help!


The Epik's Team


To know more: our pricing guide.

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