25 Jul, 2017

Music Promotion: Soundcloud vs Mixcloud

Getting your music heard by your audience is difficult without a record label behind you. Luckily there are loads of different music distribution websites around to help you out. Here, Birmingham-based Drum & Bass DJ Zach Moran shares his experience of using two of the biggest music websites out there: Mixcloud and Soundcloud. Read some pros and cons of both, here.

13 Jul, 2017

Types of Music Video

Not all music videos are made equal, and guess what? It isn’t a bad thing. There are different types of music videos that work best for different artists and different types of music. So what are they? Not to be confused with genre (which would basically be the same as film genres) this is the rundown of the different types of videos and where I’d say they’re placed best.

25 Apr, 2017

Top 5 Myths of Filming Music Videos

Close your eyes and picture a director; it’s probably some bearded guy in a checkered shirt and baseball cap. It’s easy to get a very specific idea into your head about something, it’s easier to have no idea at all! Here are the top 5 myths about filming music videos.

24 May, 2017

Marc Vedo: Behind The Scenes

Take a look behind the scenes of one of our greatest musc video productions to date: Ultra Music's Marc Vedo - Ride of Your Life.

18 Apr, 2017

Music Videos and Production Values

In this article we look at production values and what they mean for your music video.

20 Mar, 2017

Your First Music Video: A Checklist

Say this is your first music video, or perhaps your first time with a new production company; this is a guide to give you the best start to getting what you want.

08 Mar, 2017

Music Video Showreel: 14 Reasons You Should Watch It

We’ve produced a brand new showreel filled with all the weird and wonderful music video productions we have held over the last few months. Here are 14 reasons why you should watch it!

16 Feb, 2017

Fashion Brands: How can Video content help yours?

Video content has been increasingly exploited by brands all over the world as an effective means of engaging their audience and promoting their products. The fashion industry is no different, with high street to the high end brands taking full advantage. This article will explore the different ways fashion video can be used to get your brand noticed.

02 Feb, 2017

3 Artists to Watch in 2017

 New year, new playlist? If you’re casting around for something to whet your appetite for the fresh sound of 2017, sit back and let Epik introduce you to three of the best up-and-coming artists.

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