Music Video Production: Where does your money go?

  • Tai Campbell
  • 04 Mar, 2013

If this is your first time producing a music video, you may be wondering how much does it cost to make a music video?

At Epik, we specialise in producing music videos economically, and yet professionally.

What we offer you is a rough estimate, because:

  • The truth is it's really hard to break down the costs for producing a music video,
  • Every video we produce is different.

However, just so you know where your money is going, here's a rough break up of the costs if you want to go the fully pro route. According to the Broadcast & Entertainment Union (BECTU), here's a rate card for different roles you might find involved in any music video.

  • Actors: £350-500
  • Director: £600
  • Producer: £450
  • Cameraman: £500
  • Motion Graphics: £600
  • VO Artist: £375
  • Production Assistant: £275
  • Editor: £700

These are industry rates, not specifically music video production rates. It’s important to remember that most of these roles are fulfilled by freelancers and they don’t get work every day. You’re not just paying for the person, your paying for their equipment and years of experience – all of which could make a huge difference to your music video.

The Location
Once the script is written and ready, a location needs to be finalised for the shoot. Is it in a studio or outside? Will you be renting a studio or just shooting outdoors? If there are a lot of elements that need location filming, the cost of production will go up. However, one should not compromise on the location after the script is approved as it lowers the production standards when you have to settle. If you have any limitations, on budget or otherwise, mention it in the initial brief so the scriptwriter can prepare a relevant script.

The Talent
Actors, Voice Over, Sound and Graphic Artist etc. form the talent. They would be the ones working with your video and you might need to conduct casting sessions and browse through portfolios to choose the correct ones for you.

The Equipment
Once you have finalised the actors and models who would be starring in your video, you would need to book and rent the equipment for the shoot. Cameras, Directional Mics, Lights, etc. etc.
However when you let us shoot your video, we provide you with all the necessary equipment at no extra cost.

The Crew
You would need to hire a crew for production that includes the Director, Producer, Cameraman, Production Assistants and Runners. It's hard to put together a team that would work well in a single day as there may be personality clashes and egos running amok.
Our production crew is professional, friendly and well acquainted to each other. They work together like a machine, wrapping up shoots considerably faster and for a lot less.

The Editor
Once the video is shot and ready, the Editor sits down with the Director (and sometimes the Scriptwriter/Talent) to edit the first cut of the video. He uses his own experience and discretion to make the video more appealing. He may use some graphics or special effects and once the video is done, it is sent to the client for approval. After the client gives their input on the video, the editor works with it for another edit, until it's satisfactory.
The costs also depend on any stock footage and music that needs to be purchased.


Now you know how the cost of a music video If you think you have all things necessary to shoot your own music video, go ahead give it a go. As you can see there is no way to create a music video free of charge. if you need your video definitely done right, contact us. We have an established network of contacts all prepared to work at less than the BECTU rates quoted above.


Shubhit S., Epik Music Videos


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