Filming a music video – Dollface 'Back on the Radio'

  • Tai Campbell
  • 08 May, 2013

A few weeks back at EPiK, we filmed a music video for the British band Dollface. If I were to describe the filming process of a music video, I would say it is highly technical and complex.

Yes, creativity is important – that is how the ideas came up in the first place, but on the day creativity is best reserved to spur of the moment solutions to sudden problems. Otherwise it is all about planning and executing the plan to perfection. Team work and experience are other factors that influence the final outcome, by no means is it is a one job. Everyone on the shoot needs to contribute to make the shoot a success.

When I arrived at the studios, preparations were already in full swing. The studio staff and the talent were both getting started. Andy, our very enthusiastic boss and Studio Director, was carving out a stensil on paper to spray paint some letters. Tai, the Video Director was having a quick chat with the band and Sam, the Studio Manager was trying to ensure that everything was spic-and-span and ready.

The three runners, who are usually the first to arrive on any shoot, were already busy helping out and Sam asked me to help co-ordinate their efforts. Getting the set ready is an important task. You need to do it quickly and especially so if the settings for shots are subject to change frequently. The EPiK team was quick to prepare the necessary with even studio office staff pitching in with their 'additional skills'.

There is something about Tai that makes him such a charmer. Perhaps it is experience or the fact that he enjoys his work so much to have a wider than usual smile on his face, but whatever it is, it is reflected in his work. He is at ease directing the talent and the support staff alike and always knows what he needs, and how to get it done.

As I watched Tai take command of the shoot from close quarters, I realised how hard a job it could be for someone who doesn't do his homework or is not comfortable directing. Tai on the other hand, is a complete natural. A people's person that he is, his ability to command or request does not offend.

The band too was enjoying this experience. For an all boys band with Dollface for a name, they sure did their costumes some justice. Looking chic in funky attire, it was the glamour set that was the highlight of the shoot, the quick costume changes and pretty makeup stole it.

At the end of the day, even though the shoot extended to a little past ten, everyone including the talent were satisfied with what they had achieved in just a few hours. The little time spent on actual shoot and the final result that the EPiK team succeeded in having, goes on to show how important it is to have a team which enjoys working together, running like a well-oiled machine. 'Professionalism at it's best', and we are not the ones saying it!


EPiK's Music Video Director Tai Campbell has just finished directing British pop music band Dollface. We thought it would be a good idea to interview him for our readers to know about the intricacies of shooting a music video. Here's what Tai had to say about the whole experience.


Q- You were recently involved in shooting with Dollface. Tell us about how it all started?

Tai - "Dollface contacted EPiK and sent their track, we loved it. They had some initial ideas and we were one of the production companies they contacted. We developed their idea into a pitch and they chose us."

Q- How was the experience of shooting with the band? Was the chemistry any different from other shoots and bands that you see, was there something else that sparked your interest?

Tai - "Working with Dollface was fun, and they're hard working, which are the two qualities you hope for in a band. They were up for everything especially dressing like women!!. The added enjoyment came from making a comedy based music video which consisted of visual and story based laughs."

Q- On the set you are quite sure about your shots and it seems that you are always ready. Would you rate yourself as someone who believes a lot in pre-planning than spur of the moment creative direction?

Tai- "Planning, planning, planning; it's all about planning. Knowing what you need to get and how is the best way to compete against your greatest enemy - time! Of course there's always space for on the spot inspiration."

Q- What was the involvement of Dollface in the entire production process, from pre to post?

Tai- "Pre-production their ideas were developed, our creative treatment was tweaked and they decided what characters would appear and who would play them. Production - they were more involved than most bands as we had a series of location and costume changes where the band played every character."

Q- If you were to compare the band Dollface, which popular band you would say they can identify with?

Tai- "American pop-rock band 'Fountains of Wayne'."


Watch the video here: Dollface - Back on the Radio

Shubhit S., Epik Music Videos


Dollface filming set   Dollface as a 50's band 

Dollface as a 80's rock band

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