Epik's Music Videos Portfolio

Jason Flanagan ft Sheena Murray - "Get It On"

The Music Video

This is a fun, vibrant and rhythmic video with explosions of creativity! The video tells the story of a girl who likes a boy so to get his attention she creates various art pieces inspired by modern, minimalist and pop art. The environments were created using real props, real fruits real items by Art Director Isobel Power-Smith. Everything you see on screen is fake yet real. The clouds are made from candy floss, the house is a dollhouse, the car is a toy car.

Director's Take

I love how colourful the video is. It’s bright, it’s vibrant and because the environments are made from real miniatures it has a sense of texture. Casting, as always, played an important part. The male lead had to be charming yet oblivious and we found that in comedian/actor Tom Webster. The leading lady needed to be fun and expressive, which was played perfectly by actress/model Lili Bailey. Together, they created a chemistry that was fun to play with which was no easy task because the entire video was shot on green screen, meaning they had to act and react to things that weren’t there.

Tai Campbell - Music Video Director

Client Feedback

My ambition from the outset - was to create something quirky and abstract to coincide with the boyancy of the song. I wanted to keep all creative ideas purely within the reigns of the Epik Music Video crew to retain a sense of control with their creativeness. You should never tell an artist how to paint. The process of working with Tai - was a pleasant one from the outset. I was first gravitated toward his enthusiam of the project which permeated through his emails even prior to meeting him in person. Upon watching him work, I can first hand vouch for his determination, accuracy, planning and timing, all while retaining a fun atmosphere on set. His communication and post production have since been flawless. My thoughts on the outcome - I was extremely satisfied with the outcome. As a blundering novice at post production myself, I can see the amount of time and effort that has gone into creating such a slick product. The final video really demonstrates exactly what I was hoping to acheive and more. I can't wait for the world to see it!

The People Behind the Production

  • Director - Tai Campbell
  • Cameraman – Tom Watts
  • Art Department - Isobel Power-Smith
  • Assistant Director/ Runner - Ben Pengilly