Music Videos Creative Director and Producer Tai Campbell


Tai has always loved film. He began writing stories at the age of 4 and by the age of 16 he was browsing college brochures for it. Honing his skills for five long years, studying the gruelling tricks of the trade, Tai made his first music video and horror short at a tender age of 17 and had his final year project shown at The Ritze. Highly admired by all and sundry, the Summer Ball 2012 video for his alma mater at Roehampton, ranks amongst one of his own personal favorites.

For someone who has been the backbone of Epik's music videos for a long long time, Tai says, “I was there at the begining when the meteor from space landed in the volcano causing a cataclysmic chain reaction that created Epik.” Tai has always loved a challenge when it comes to work, and likes to do what people would say can't be done. Another reason why a majority of our clients like for him to be present at their shoots.

A hardcore believer in proper prior planning, Epik's this Creative Music Video Director, inspite of all his successes suffers from acute coulrophobia!

Here are a couple of Tai's music videos: