Being a Band Manager: skills you need and things to know

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  • 16 Oct, 2013

A band manager is mainly responsible for taking care of 'business' for the band. That business however, is not limited.

You will be working round the clock, on multiple things and at times even be the one to drive the band home after a good night of partying. As fun as it can be accompanying the band on trips and tours, you'll actually be the responsible one. But before you start, make sure that you have the necessary skills for the job.


  1. Have an untiring attitude and polished interpersonal skills
    When you are starting off with a band, and before you have the team in place, you'll have to get the things going. It'll take a lot of persistent cold calling on your part to find good opportunities for your band. Also, you'll need to keep yourself abreast of the latest in the industry and network with the locals in your city.

  1. Possess knowledge about the Music Industry
    Yes, we understand that you are not going to be the one with the mic in hand, however still you'll be the one looking for opportunities for your band and you should be able to pick the good ones from the rest. Also, make sure you know how the industry works and how you can utilise agents, promoters, PR companies, etc. for your band's benefit.

  1. Be the Jack of all trades
    As a manager you'll need to have your hands in all places at once. You'll have to juggle your time around and make sure that all things necessary are taken care of, right from the band members to record labels and from agent to the PR company. You'll be the one coordinating with all of them. And if your band is still new, then you might even have to fulfil their roles before you have assembled the team.

  1. Be the grown up
    Things can get pretty crazy when you are with a band. With all the creative energy flowing, there needs to be someone who can take control of things. As a manager, it would be your responsibility to ensure everything is taken care of. You might even need to be stern at times to get things going. You will be the friend, the parent and the doctor for the band who is always on call.

  1. Be impartial
    There will be times when the band members are at loggerheads against each other. They might be arguing over a song or a something on stage last night. But as a manager, you should not let yourself be dragged in their mess. Even though you may be on good terms with certain members of the band, you should always be impartial in judgement. Remember that you need to maintain your authority over the band and you can't do it by playing favourites.


Now that you know which skills you should possess to successfully manage a band, you should also have some idea about the things that you need to work on.

  • Get the band together
    Chances are that when you are starting off as a manager, you might not have a full band. Your first priority should be arranging for any missing band members. Make sure you find talent that gels with those already in the band.

  • Make them practice
    From finding a place to practice to arranging a time when all the members can be together, you will need to make sure that the band gets enough practice, especially before a gig.

  • Get the music recorded
    You should arrange for the band to get their demo recorded. Get it on a CD and online and then start sending them out to people.

  • Put together a promo kit
    Arrange the demo CD, the band's bio and copies of their reviews or any press that they have received together in a small kit. You will need these to approach record labels and to get gigs.

  • Promote the band to fans
    As important as it is to pursue labels, getting your band an audience with fans is also equally important. You need to set up a good online presence for your band – have a website, a YouTube channel and social media accounts that keep the fans updated with the bands activities. Organising regular shows for the band is also necessary.


Now that you know what to expect as a band manager, you should remember to keep your personal feelings away from the work. Remember that even though you may be cordial with the band, you are with them professionally.


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