Music Videos Creative Director Simon

simon-deweyThe Man Behind the Music Video

Introducing Simon Dewey, a talented Music Video Director with an impressive 1st class honours in Digital Media specialising in video, and a wealth of experience under his belt. A self-confessed cinephile, Simon sources the majority of inspiration for his music videos from films, citing Fight Club as one of his top films, and his work as “edgy, energetic, progressive and punchy” (We are not sure whether this is deliberate!)

Call Me the Kidd - Jungle

The concept directly related the lyrics to Jungle, and took the concept a step further by portraying a more extreme presentation of the attraction spoke about in the lyrics. My favourite scenes have to be the initial meeting scenes, I really wanted to capture a mysterious and sensual feel to represent the instant attraction felt between people.

The thing I love about directing is the same thing I love about all forms of art, the fact that we get to create something new and unique from what we see in our minds, it amazes me.” And that is exactly what he does best.

Having worked with big names such as Tinchy Stryder, Krept and Konan and Kano, his distinctive and unparalleled ideas have certainly got him to the top! Looking to get into Directing yourself? Simon recommends “buying yourself a cheap DSLR camera, hit up some local artists or bands and get shooting – We all have to start somewhere!

Simon’s Latest Video

His favourite and most recent project is the music video for Call Me the Kidd – Jungle. The concept behind this gem was the idea of lust and our animal instincts manifested through a metaphorical jungle. Check it out here: