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Most music video production companies are happy to play it safe. They offer the basics: performance videos, interview videos, and straight-up music videos. But we at EPiK know that, to get your musical vision on screen, sometimes you have to go that extra distance. 

All of our favourite music videos have that unique, individual spark of inspiration. For example, take Blur’s mini-epic Coffee & TV, where a plucky, computer-generated milk carton embarked on a grand adventure, to find the missing man pictured on its rear-end. This innovative, ground-breaking use of animation in a music video made it into an all-time classic.

So, it’s always fun to work with musicians who are willing to experiment with their music video, and hip-hop duo DAR were no exception. The bravado and toughness of their track ‘Monstar’ inspired director Tai Campbell to use our animation techniques to put the musicians inside their very own comic book. The finished music video was reminiscent of a comic book-style thriller, with an aesthetic recalling both the gritty noir stylings of Frank Miller, and Rupert Wyatt’s 2008 crime film The Escapist.

Take it from us, animation is one way of really giving your music video production a sense of character. And there’s no better method of making your video stand out from the crowd. Be it stop-motion, hand-drawn or computer generated imagery, the only limit is your imagination.

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