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The Music Video

Storms, smoke and fire. These are the elements that are used to build emotion, tension and release it.

The aim here was to create a James Bond intro inspired music video that was also an electrifying visual experience.The two key visual techniques were double exposure and layering which were used to do cool things like fuse people with elements and set people on fire creating a unique and exciting visual experience.

The core of the song is about being under so much pressure that you are about to explode and I wanted this to play a strong part in the visuals. The verses depict images of building tension intercut with the band’s performance. That same tension is released in the chorus through powerful explosions, vibrant colours and dynamic slow motion.

The world created was a representative one full of visual metaphors – coming apart, falling through sky and setting on fire. Having fire as a theme allowed me to use it in different ways – slowly creeping up the body, escaping through the mouth and explosions. We shot the video against Green Screen which gave us more options for compositions but had to be lit very specifically, otherwise the visual style would not have worked.

Colour and texture played an important role in creating the tone. The colour palette is a balance of white, black and orange that transition between soft pastel colours and strong contrasted ones. I got to have fun with texture on many levels. The ink in water was given a sandy texture that took the form of the band through double exposure, old movie textures were added to skin, screen scratches for the softer moments and Grindhouse style movie scratches for the explosive moments. This resulted in each shot feeling physically different.

DirectorTai Campbell

Editor - Tai Campbell

DOP – Conor Chalk

Assistant Director - Ben Pengilly

Hair and Make Up – Sian Roberts

Produced by EPiK Music Videos

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