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The Music Video

Get Well Soon, is the final instalment in the trilogy of videos for Two Penny Blue. It follows the story of lead singer Tommy, played by Andrew Anthony, who was in the previous video BUS. This chapter retells the sombre upbringing of Tommy. 

“I wanted to create something personal and beautiful for Tommy, and again, distinctively different from the previous two videos in the series, so I chose 8mm and embraced all the light leaks and film burns from the celluloid to give the video a home made feel, like a memory has been captured.” - Cyrus Mirzashafa

  • Produced by Andy Woodruff & Cyrus Mirzashafa
  • Production Assistant Olivia Angelique
  • Directed by Cyrus Mirzashafa
  • Co-direction Mike Davies
  • DOP Mike Davies & Cyrus Mirzashafa
  • 1st AC Olivia Angelique
  • 2nd AC James Hatton
  • Edited byCyrus Mirzashafa