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BUS is the 2nd instalment from the trilogy of videos for Two Penny Blue. It focuses on annual school photograph day and the playful dynamic between the photographer and some bubblegum chewing, sassy teenagers. It is a fun, low-fi shout out to the late 80's & 90's video format and a homage to TV shows such as Grange Hill. 

“I wanted to use this ageing aesthetic to completely contrast with the beautiful clean image of the first video BLONDIE and what was/is to come with the final instalment.” Cyrus Mirzashafa 

  • Produced by Andy Woodruff & Cyrus Mirzashafa
  • Production Assistant Olivia Angelique
  • Production Assistant Afanasyev
  • Directed by Cyrus Mirzashafa
  • Co-direction Mike Davies
  • DOP Mike Davies & Cyrus Mirzashafa
  • 1st AC Olivia Angelique
  • 2nd AC Rob Heppell
  • Edited byCyrus Mirzashafa