Epik's Music Videos Portfolio

Perry Ripley - Set Fire To The Roses


Director's Take

The idea for this video was to create a visual memory, a remembrance of a moment that lingers on after it has come to pass.

To create this I wanted to use three different formats to give a visually interesting, dreamlike and unique tone to the picture. Just like when you dream or think about something from a while ago, it is somehow muffled, hazy and yet seemingly more colourful and even vibrant.

So, the shoot itself was a road trip with the artist, Perry and actress, Elli, Mike, who helped to co-direct and three different camera formats: 8mm, vid8 and a Panasonic GH4. In the edit, it was about finding those beats to the song, either literally or with the multiple layers and colour changes that occur.

We also gave the 8mm camera to Perry, and the Vid8 to El, so they could shoot some of their own material.

It's an aesthetic I am delighted with and will be returning to at some point.

The People Behind the Production

  • Conceived, Filmed, Directed and Edited by Cyrus Mirzashafa and Mike Davies.