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Marc Vedo - "Ride of your Life"

The Music Video

2017 gets off to a groove with this mini-epic commissioned by New York ULTRA Music for UK House DJ Marc Vedo. Filming a jungle adventure in the middle of February in the groovy East End of London is no mean feat. But we did it.

Directors Point of View

When I was 17, we shot a music video for our band at that time: It was about a shy panda who falls in love with a human girl. It was something I will always remember. I think animals are characters everybody really connects to. When I see someone wearing an animal head, it always makes me smile. When I first listened to 'Ride of Your Life', I knew I wanted to explore an emotional side which the tracks brings along. However, I’m not a fan of cheesy things: I wanted a little bit of comedy in. The animals were the answer. So finally, I came out with something that embraces both the emotional side and the funny one I wanted to express. An urban safari scenario where a crazy big bone hunter obsessed with zebras will soon discover that unity is strength. The twist in the end? The part that I always prefer, the revenge.

- Andrea Youth, Music Video Director

Art Department Challenges

As the duo in charge of visualizing and realizing Andrea’s technicolor cartoon-farcical vision, we had a pretty surreal fortnight living in it during the run-up to the shoot. From begging every animal-print possessing munificent family member and professional acquaintance to raiding our childhood bedrooms for animal toys to scouring the streets of Soho for panda mascot costumes (there weren’t any) we made sure that there would be something of interest in every shot.

I kept the costumes bright so that no matter what the weather decided to do, the animals would still pop out of their surroundings. The lovely Chickenshed theatre leased us most of the necessary animal heads, leaving the two zebras for me to manically make in free evenings. The resulting heads were very difficult to see in and the actors were very good sports about cycling and riding in shopping trolleys whilst wearing them; they come up nicely on camera.

The day of filming itself was very enjoyable. We ran and drove around Shoreditch, the zebras garnering a fair amount of attention, and had a party in the flat in the evening, whereupon I acted as Principal Confetti Thrower. Our biggest technical challenge was to create the illusion that Peter’s head was a wall-mounted hunting trophy, which was achieved through getting Peter to put his head through a pre-designed and built chimney breast, and attaching a plaque around him. The miserable expression on his face in the video is completely genuine! An unforgettably surreal experience for all involved. 

- Isobel Power-Smith and Piran Jeffcock

The People Behind the Production

  • Director- Andrea Youth
  • Assistant Director -Tai Campbell
  • Director of Photography – Karim Andreotti
  • Assistant Cameraman – Cyrus Mirzashafa
  • Art Department - Isobel Power-Smith
  • Art Department - Piran Jeffcock
  • Gary Simons – Production Assistant
  • Hunter – Peter Stanford
  • Female Zebra – Leanna Wigginton
  • Male - Zebra -  Tom Webster
  • Monkey – Henry Morris
  • Elephant – Tom Jacob-Ewles
  • Lion – Talal Karkouti
  • Panda – Audra Goffeney
  • Producer - Andy Woodruff