Epik's Music Videos Portfolio

Danu5ik - "Morning Light"

The Music Video

Daniel had been in talks with us for a while about doing a production together but the timing had to be right. What we created was an original music video filled with intrigue and a unique visual element.

For Daniel’s performance I wanted to do something that hadn’t been done before, I wanted something understated. What I got was a provocative set up filled with mystery achieved through obscure camera angles making the viewer wonder “Who is this man?” “What is he waiting for?” “What is about to happen?” The noir styled lighting with 1980s influenced purple colour scheme and grain added in post-production all added to the aesthetic.

The dancers play a major feature in the video, they had to be just right. First and foremost; they had to be amazing contemporary dancers, no other dance type would do. I wanted dancers who could communicate a feeling through movement and would move in their own way with complete confidence. They also had to have a non-typical look, all interesting, all different.

For the dancers I told them that as a group they had to communicate the passing of energy through contact and inhabiting each others’ space. Individually they were free to express how the music made them feel – these moments were shot in slow motion to capture the drama and dynamism of their expression

The People Behind the Production