Epik's Music Videos Portfolio

EFFIE "Pressure"


Effie and her team came to us with a song that got us really excited. She wanted something simple yet stylish, something that displayed elements of horror imagery and tension. The result was ‘Pressure’. The look was really important. The greyscale colour scheme with soft lighting and gentle gradient was vital to setting the tone. No harsh shadows and no strong colours just smooth beautiful tones. The visuals was a good opportunity to show character. The title of the track is ‘Pressure’ and the song is about not being able to completely give yourself to someone but I didn’t want to make the visuals too on the nose. So instead those themes were interpreted; using split screen and shards to convey duality, shapes and text hidden within images to show that there are more layers than we know. To give the video an edge I applied short bursts of horror imagery influenced by the movie ‘House on Haunted Hill’ not too much, just a taste.


For a video like this; the styling communicated a lot. Effie wore different shades of black in different materials and fabrics. This worked fantastically with the lighting and colour palette creating a strong sense of texture that contributed to the tone. The performance was a major feature of the video and one of its strengths; all due to Effie’s skills as a performer. Her ability to emote her lyrics was so powerful that I let the shots to linger longer. Holding the close ups for intimate shots, maintaining distance of the more vulnerable long shots. As the song reaches its climax the imagery becomes more dramatic. This is illustrated through the pace of editing, more frequent “horror shots” and slow motion. When the song hits its peak the we are given time to breath leaving Effie alone.

    Production Crew

  • Directed by Tai Campbell
  • DOP: Tom Watts
  • Production Assistant: Bryony Neylan-Francis
  • Produced by EPiK Music Videos
  • Filmed at Camberwell Studios