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Wedding Ring by Alexandra Gyasi

Alexandra is a self-promoted poet, and now music artist.

This is her first foray online and quite rightly she wanted a video that would get her music ‘out there’ to test the waters without breaking the bank.

All we required was the music, the lyrics and a couple of ideas about the sort of images she felt would go with the song.“ That was it. Kevin, our designer, worked out an idea and provided an initial 30 seconds preview. After review and amend the final version was ready in a couple of weeks later to a delighted reception:

"HEY EPiK! - I am REALLY impressed, thank you so so much. I'm very pleased - I may well come back for more work - Thanks again", Alexandra.

Our pleasure and see you again soon.

About Lyric Videos from EPiK

Derided by some and loved by others, the Lyric Video offers much more than a cheap karaoke thrill. They are respected art forms in their own right, used by artists such as Adele, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry to name just a few.

In our opinion, if you’re getting started in the music business a Lyric video provides a sensible entry point from which to start promoting yourself.

Ps – yes, Alexandra did come back for more work (watch this space)
Pps – Watch the YouTube video here

The Production Team: