Epik's Music Videos Portfolio

London Output Showbands

London Output are a semi-professional function band performing great covers of great songs throughout the UK. They were looking to take the next step on their journey to making music performance their full-time careers and came to EPiK to help.

To help matters London Output knew what look they were after and had recently invested in new outfits and styling. At our suggestion they recorded a new mix of songs arranged to enable their longer-than-typical video to flow throughout.

We designed a stage environment that enables three set-ups that meant loads of variety throughout the edit.

As Josh from London Output told us “by ‘eck it were fab-yoo’les”.

For the camera buffs reading this, we used a Canon 5D, nothing unusual about that. What was different was a firmware hack that enabled cameraman Tom to create a different range of ‘looks’ straight out the camera. Very clever.

The Production Team: