Epik's Music Videos Portfolio

Behind The Scenes - Next To Me

Director and Editor: Buki Bukare

Shooting a behind the scenes music video is always quite challenging for a number of reasons, but primarily it’s the sheer amount of footage you need to shoot in order to truly reflect the shoot.

When it came to filming Otto Knows music video, ‘Next to Me’ this meant an ambitious 15 and a half day with 4 locations. No easy task!

The first location was a photographic studio that was dressed to look like an art gallery. This was quite straightforward as there was a reasonable amount of space despite there being track and dolly.

Next was a beach scene, shot in Wapping Beach, the low tide waterfront over looking the Thames. Shooting this scene was a bit of race against the daylight hours, so for me I had to be very decisive about what I wanted to capture.

The third location was a disused dilapidated very cold warehouse, the challenge here was again trying to locate a quiet enough space with good light to interview the artist and director whilst the crew are working on the set up around you.

The final location was exteriors back at the Photographic studio for a car scene.

At this point the crew and particularly the artist is cold and tired, but its my job to ensure he’s is still upbeat and able to deliver to camera in an entertaining and engaging way for his fanbase.

Overall it was a challenging but great shoot to work on and I think I was able to encapsulate this on camera.