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Naj – No Going Home

It’s sexy, it’s cool, it’s sexy, it’s colourful and did I mention it’s sexy? With his first video with EPiK; veteran Film Maker Simon Dewey takes you on a journey influenced by modern dance music and contagious Afrobeat. With three key setups conveying the different sides of the artist Naj; we take a journey with three unique flavours.

Our Creative Directors View - Simon Dewey
"For the visuals to Naj's 'No Going Home' dance video, I wanted to show two very different perspectives of her not only as an artist but as a person. The track has a great party vibe and a beat that really gets the heart racing yet subtly infused by more sensual tones particularly present when Naj sings in her native language. This variation of tone and style was a great opportunity to present two very different styles integrated throughout the edit.

I wanted to present a more aggressive “street” Naj, she is a confident powerful woman accustomed to the admiration of the men around her. Naj leads dancers through a choreographed routine as she teases and controls them. The set and styles were intentionally dark with a club feel energised by constant camera moves and a snappy edit. The grade was used to further accentuate this feel through heavy contrast and the use of teal tones.

Supporting this master performance, I wanted to drop in some more sensual cutaways, under strongly saturated lighting Naj moves seductively interacting with her surroundings as she teases the camera. These scenes were cut in throughout the visuals to maintain momentum whilst building on the expression of Naj as powerful woman full of confidence.

Contrasting the club/party setting, I also wanted to present a far softer and delicate Naj in the dance music video. Dressed elegantly in a delicate dress she performs in a more feminie and intimate manner. Using warm lighting, candles and softer camera movements we capture a sense of calm intimacy a world apart from Naj’s flip side.
No Going Home is a great party track with a variation of intensity and mood really leading the listener. The visuals in the dance video clip are designed to build on these shifting moods and really transport the viewer into the scenes."

  • Director: Simon Dewey
  • 1stAD: Tai Campbell
  • Produced by EPIK Music Videos
  • DoP: Simon Dewey
  • Make Up – Sian Roberts
  • Gaffer: Kieran Micallef
  • Tay Kabongo – Production Assistant
  • Choreographer: Kieron Providence
  • Dancer: Kieron Providence
  • Dancer: Sam Fleet
  • Dancer: Simeon Campbell
  • Dancer: Gene Takooree
  • Editing: Simon Dewy
  • Produced by EPIK Music Videos
  • Filmed at Camberwell Studios