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Japa Dollar 100% Music Video

Directed and Edited by Lorraine Patterson (aka DesignSkii)

Japa Dollar is a London based R&B/soul, pop, punk, urban hip hop cross-over artist who came to us looking for something fun and colorful that captured who he really is.

Artist Point of View – japa Dollar

Well, I got what I was looking for in the video. I wanted a happy colourful and funny video, some thing a bit unusual and that is exactly what I got.

The service at Epik videos is top class from start to finish. Lots of communication at every stage and I was allowed to have my say and give my opinion through out and before the final video was out.

I am very pleased with the video and it is already showing on TVS in Uganda.

I will always work with them as they are a team of dedicated professionals. I see no reason to look any where else.

Director’s Point of View

The Japa Dollar 100% video concept actually changed on the day of filming. Having never met Japa previous to the day of shooting and a 3 hour delay to the start of the day, I decided to do a straight point and shoot in order to get in all the elements I had planned for.

Japa brought great energy to his performances. After a very shy entry my job was to bring him out of his shell and to relay the different facets of his personality on screen. Much laughter was had throughout the day - he always had a smile on his face which was a challenge we overcame in relation to his main ‘high-attitude’ performance.

I aimed for a vibrant, humorous, lighthearted video that reflected Japa's cultural roots and artistic influences. Japa Dollar was a pleasure to work with, allowing me complete creative control and I believe we ended up with a video that portrays who Japa Dollar the artist really is.

  • Produced by EPIK Music Videos
  • Directed and Filmed by Lorraine Patterson (aka DesignSkii)
  • Filmed at Camberwell Studios