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Behind The Scenes - Can't Act My Age

Our Approach by Buki Bakare

As you can imagine there are many aspects that go into making a behind the scenes video. The way I approach them is by first getting the treatment for the music video; this gives me an idea of the tone, pace and feel of the  video, which I try to get across , so it complements the video and the visual style.

Once I’ve got the treatment I’ll also make sure I  have my call sheet to hand. This is to identify the key people you need to feature in the video. The obvious two main people are the artist and the director, but it can vary greatly depending on the treatment, in some cases the artist may not feature in  the video or may appear very little. So you  need to think carefully about what approach to take that compliments the video but still promotes the artist.

Before I’ve even arrived on set I have a stock list of standard shots that I know I need to get to edit the video together. This will include shots like setting up, close up’s of equipment, the director working with the artist and so on.

Filming a behind the scenes video is a very tiresome job, as you need to ensure you record a lot of footage that encapsulates the shoot, which means a lot isn’t used. From the moment you arrive on set you need to be ready to go, set up quickly to ensure you don’t miss the setting up process, equally you also need  to capture the end of the day, i.e. crew packing away, people saying goodbye etc. So you’re usually one of the last people to leave at the end of the shoot.

The important thing to remember is it’s not just about recording the day’s events. You really need to capture the essence of the day and the characters of the crew and cast. Quite often it’s the moments in between takes, or when people are waiting around that you often get the best footage.  However you just never know when you’re going to get that key moment, so you always have to be ready and extremely adaptable to changing situations, which happen frequently on music video shoots. Quite often I have got myself in a good position and the shot is set up to capture what I need, and then at the last minute or even during recording, a crew member will walk right in front of my shot and completely block my view. In these cases you need to move fast before you’ve missed the moment. It’s these types of situations that can be very challenging.

Overall though, despite it being really tiring and always being on the go, I do enjoy the process of making the videos, and you find that you build a rapport with people very quickly as they become used to you on set and that’s when you get to really capture some great footage and make a great, interesting and insightful behind the scenes video.  


Written by Buki Bakare. You can contact Buki on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.