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Stephen Wicks - Can't Act My Age

“In my mind, this was about expressing the energy of youth”, Andrea Vinciguerra.

The Directors View – Andrea Vinciguerra

As director this video involved lot of challenges in different areas. But probably this time the ‘BIG’ challenge for me was the direction of the main cast. My idea was to represent old people feeling a sort of second wild youth. In my mind, this was about expressing the energy of youth: loosing yourself, running, dancing, being a little rebellious – all of which was going to be a big physical effort for an older person.

But it was not just about physical acting. For example, in a key scene one of the actresses plays strip poker and loses her bra. We closed the set down, but still, it took a great deal of confidence on her behalf especially as there was still a lot of crew about.

The actors made my job really easier and enjoyable. They each has ideas and suggested different ways to approach their characters, which is great. The energy they brought in this video was real and unexpected! I guess it’s something that you can feel watching the final result, they actually prove the main point of the video: youth is definitely just a state of mind!

The Actors View - Barry Newton

I’ve just watched what I term as the ‘old young’ video named thus from my experience of being a part of it. Strange way to describe it maybe, but it was so much fun being a part of it. Seeing the finished result brings back so many memories of the fun we all had while taking part and the excellent finished product shows this.

The words and music highlight how it feels to be old in appearance yet very young at heart. The interaction we had with the young people involved also outlined that age is just a number, put both together we can interact as one.

Overall I would sum this up as a fantastic experience and one I would love to see encouraged throughout life in general. A very entertaining example of unusual facts of life, A blast from the past "I like it, I’ll buy it, I'll give it five.” 

The Actresses View – Barbara Bone

I love the finished product and the song. I can identify with the lyrics and it will become the Anthem for an entire generation I am sure!

The whole shoot felt as though I was at a wonderful party, great venue, terrific people and the catering was ‘fab-u-lous darling!’ We were looked after so well and treated with a respect I have seldom experienced on a feature film set!

IN FACT, I was just about to say that I have never had that much fun before without taking my clothes off .....Then I remembered!!!!! 

The Producers View

I enjoy the days of filming. They get me out of the office and involved at a surprisingly satisfying mundane level. If we’ve planned the shoot properly then my main job on the day is as a sort of super-runner filling in everywhere except on set itself. The quiet thrill for me is seeing everything coming together throughout the day – as planned.

What you can’t control is the weather. This video had been a long time in the planning. By the time filming came along in late October, the weather had become a real consideration. The BBC weather forecast was stubbornly predicting rain for the outdoors filming day and in the meantime its forecast for everyday in between was always spot-on. What to do?  We had actors aged from late 60’s to 80 years old not to mention a large crew and lots of expensive equipment.

After sounding out the crew and actors I knew it was possible to rearrange for two days later on a Sunday without too much extra cost. The crew and cast had built up such a good rapport on the first day it was like they were determined to finish what they had started. It was a no-brainer in the end.

It didn’t rain on the day the BBC said it would. Fortunately they were correct again for the Sunday.
Phew. My motto: never look back. 



  • Director: Andrea Vinciguerra
  • 1st Assistant Director: Tai Campbell
  • Director of Photography: Mattew Taylor
  • Camera Operator: Nick Daw
  • Movi Operator: Scott Jones
  • Art Director: Gina Bernado Muntane
  • Actors: Barry Newton, Peter Burrows, Gino Picciano, Annabel Davis and Barbara Bone (glamourous stripper)
  • Extra's:Mera Mayde, Sophi Casey,Donna Preston, Bianca Buha, Abdul Hakim, Bruce Breakey, Alessandra Masi,Simon Jones, Josh Barrientos.
  • Artist: Stephen Wicks
  • Location: Woodhall & Wilton Park, Beaconsfield
  • Produced by EPiK Music Videos