Epik's Music Videos Portfolio

Silent Social - Event Filming Video

Silent Social, one of the most contemporary and exciting events to come out of this century!


When we were asked to come to V Festival and film the Silent Social promo in the energetic Lucozade tent we jumped at the chance. They wanted the promo to be a real life example of what it’s like at a Silent Social while also explaining how it works.


The event is modern and edgy with the use of new technology so the video had to match these ideas. The edits were impactful and sharp, really making you feel the beat and compounding the sense of rhythm. Jump cuts and repeat cuts used to give the idea of a computer glitching. The grade maintained electric almost neon colours, which was a running visual theme.


The design was funky and electronic. For the intro we manipulated stills in time to the beat, simple yet effective. We had a lot of fun with the DJ vs DJ element by visualising it as a DJ battle, emoticons were used to articulate the mood change while keeping within the visual theme.


One of the most effective elements were the shots in black and white. It signified the video’s climax as the beat dropped. In case you didn’t notice; all slow motion shots were black and white with a high contrast to create a dramatic finale that people really respond to.