Epik's Music Videos Portfolio

Houssein Music Video - Swear to the bible

He’s young, he’s cool, he’s a bit of a rebel, he’s Houssein!

He wanted a fun, cheeky, feel good video for his debut single and that’s what we gave him.


From the get go we wanted the video to make an impact. Visually it had to stand out; thematically it had to have an edge. Front lit set ups were used to recreate a photobooth look where characters performed individually. It was important that everyone had a flavour: the jock, the hot girl, the nerd, the suave guy and Houssein of course being Houssein. These characters helped create a mini world where the video takes place; fun, quirky and cheerful.


We had a number of lighting set ups to reflect different moods in Houssein’s performance. Cool front lit, upbeat even lit and smouldering (slightly moody) black and white top lit. These setups also helped display different sides to Houssein while also working together.


One of the major themes of the video was censorship. This was approached carefully with a tongue in cheek twist and ended up being a lot of fun. With pre-planned sentences, suggestive words and body language, we were able to create “iffy” situations in post-production using black bars that would normally be quite innocent. All part of the fun without going too far.


We weren’t afraid of VFX in this video. In this context it was used it to illustrate the fun of the video, an environment filled with interesting characters such as ballet dancers, freestyle dancers, tai kwan do champions and dramatic performers. What the photobooth started these quirky shots continued; character based and fun.