Epik's Music Videos Portfolio

Lori Music Video Production - I've got something for you

Lori - "I've got something" you need the idea was to create something engaging and stylish with a minimal aesthetic - so the camera mounted dido light in the small black tent was an idea from the very beginning.


We then wanted to play with the idea of juxtaposing that against a large studio space - the camera constantly revolving around so that the set is 'deconstructed' and we see lori performing to camera while when we move around the back we see the lights and the backstage. This created a cool backlit look as well.


Early on Kate reid the DP suggested we go for lomo anamorphic lenses, which brought a lot to the look. We also had the lights rigged so that they faded between the 'in front' and 'reverse' look as the camera moved around the scene.


Michael dye did the styling, who came from Milan with some great clothes straight from NY fashion week. He works extensively in fashion editorial and advertising and we knew he would bring the extra element to make Lori look great. 

Camberwell Studios was very helpful and ideal for the shoot - doing a straight up pop promo there was great. We kept the post minimal, doing the grade at technicolor. Very happy with the result.