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Stephen Wicks Music Video Production - The Feeling

 An epic journey from childhood to manhood told through the alternative rock talents of Stephen Wicks. The track was big so the video needed to be big. There are obvious hints towards realising your potential and becoming stronger in the face of adversity, we wanted to create a visual metaphor that felt true to the song.

The initial ideas were of an individual’s journey shot in an innovative way, what developed from there is the video we had. To give an idea of the vast scale of the track; the journey wouldn’t just be of one person but one person over time. He begins his adventure as a boy, continues it as a teenager, then as a young man and ends… well you’ll just have to watch and see. The adventure is much greater because it takes a lifetime to complete.

The vastness wasn’t just reflected by the time but the locations. As a child he walks across a vast desert, as a teen he rows an endless sea, as a young man he walks the snowy mountains. Weather, temperature and colour were all very important. The style of the artwork of the environments was really important for the aesthetic.

Painted 2D backgrounds with a specific colour code for each. To add an element of continuity each person would appear in the centre of the screen while the environment moves around them, their movements in stop motion to integrate them into the 2D backdrops.

The dojo scenes with the Geisha was devised by myself and Stephen. Something unique yet cultural. There had to be a hinted connection with the rest of the story while setting the tone of pessimism over what’s to come.

All of these elements together will either hint towards the climactic revelation or leave you completely surprised.


  • Narrative Music Video produced by Epik Music Videos
  • Directed and Edited by: Tai Campbell @Epik Music Videos
  • Artist: Stephen Wicks - Soft Rock Records
  • Filmed at Camberwell Studios