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Longfellow Music Video - Gabrielle

This is Longfellow the new UK indie band and their first single ‘Gabrielle'.

From the outset the band had a clear idea of how they wanted to be portrayed and what elements they wanted to appear in the video: a dark hospital and a lost patient wondering through a ghostly shell of London. From those visual themes it was a question of building on them in context to the song; it was as easy as heart surgery!

Placing lead singer Owen on the operating table established a connection between the band, story and the music. It created a sense of surrealism aided by the classic high camera angle providing a bird’s eye view of the surgery creating an almost out of body experience for Owen.

A sense of subtle surrealism was achieved through filming shots in 50 frames per second creating a feel of dead space and sinister calm. The outdoor shots reminiscent of ’28 Days Later’ or ‘The Walking Dead’, whichever catches your fancy.

The performance shots allowed the audience to see the band within purpose built environments of mystery and musical history which was both cool and moody. A cinematic atmosphere was achieved through opposing high and low angle shots and also through the subtle use of tracking, really utilising the gentle movement.

The sporadic appearance of the metallic heart in the fluttering light acts as a recurring theme of a man made heart lit similarly to a 1930s picture house.

You’ll no doubt hear from Longfellow again.