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Erwin Music Videos - Equal from Birth

Visuals reflect the lyrics, the lyrics reflect the visuals. In Erwin’s new music video ‘Equal from Birth’ visual and lyrical meaning go full circle brining us into a world of representation and meaning.

Equilibrium, reflections, the future and dance; these are all elements that had to merge into the video with bursts of color an energy.

Being a big fan of Kylie Minogue Erwin helped guide the art direction for the video and align it with Erwin’s look and identity which manifested itself through a series of setups.

For the choreographed pieces the dancers performed against a glowing white to pale pastel blue background to give the illusion of a light source from behind.

To reflect the changing mood we used a morphing projection on to Erwin adding nebula-like clouds reminiscent of images of distant galaxies.

The spot light set being a more grounded method to express partnership (and a wee wink to old Gap ads) and the mirror set up was a direct representation of equality and equilibrium.

Erwin was extremely enthusiastic about all these set ups and carefully chose costumes for each to match the color, action and mood.

This gave a unique dimension to the video as the set up changed, to an extent, so does Erwin. Can’t help but imagine that these are visions of fashion from the not too distant future.

The choreography was broken into sections allowing us to really focus on them, waiting for an explosion at each chorus.

The dancers maintaining a stoic expression that was almost cyborg-like, even in the face of a complete nuclear meltdown (if you get the reference).


  • Tai Campbell, Creative Director at EPiK Music Videos.
  • Directed and Edited by: Tai Campbell @Epik Music Videos
  • Artist: Erwin
  • Produced by EPiK Music Videos on behalf of WebVideos ltd
  • Filmed at Camberwell Studios