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Rikky James - Scapegoat

Boy meets girl, girl falls for boy, boy falls for girl, boy and girl + mistrust = unhappy boy and girl.

This is the story for the music video to Rikky James’ single ‘Scapegoat’. A Music Video about a realistic relationship based on a real relationship, juxtaposed against a Rom com, presented as a film within a film.

Still with me? Okay. Meeting Rikky for the first time he told me a story about the relationship the song was based on. It started well, went bad and ended worse. There were many ideas on how to portray the journey in a music video.

The added challenge was incorporating Rikky as a character while not hiding; at the same time not play up to him being blind. An early concept was Rikky playing a sound recordist on a shoot who meets a girl through the sounds he picks up with his equipment.

This would spark a short but sweet rollercoaster relationship between Rikky and the Make-up artist. As an added dimension the footage from the Rom com was integrated alongside the real story; reflecting what’s happening in some instances, opposing in others.

Rikky was confident in his ability to deliver and seeing his confidence made me confident that this would be something different. Making each setup stand out was an important element as it helped divide the real from the fantasy.

Natural looking and realistic for the story – bright and glossy for the Rom com. It also helped set the mood and tone for the different stories being told. We put a lot into this and hope you all enjoy it, for us it was one of the most challenging and enjoyable videos we have ever made!


  • Tai Campbell, Creative Director at EPiK Music Videos
  • Directed and edited by Tai Campbell
  • Produced by EPiK Music Videos on behalf of WebVideos Limited
  • Filmed at Camberwell Studios