Epik's Music Videos Portfolio

The New Citizen Kane Music Video - White Light

This had to be cool, original, minimal and stylish. Kane knew how he wanted to come off in his first video so it was up to us to make that happen.

Kane’s sound is modern electro with elements of classic 90s dance and we wanted to play up to it while keeping the visuals fresh with a consistent style. Immediately the use of black and white was decided on to maintain the tone of minimalism in colour (although that rule was broken a few times).

The video itself was broken up into a number of setups all of which were green screen (if you noticed). The body of the video being a stripped down cool yet reserved performance in close up and extreme close up only, this meant that any time lyrics were sung you would see a familiar image.

An added dynamic was having the model sing the same lyrics connecting her to the video further. Intercutting the video with repetitive rhythmic nods just oozed with coolness. To accompany the break I wanted to convey someone becoming lost in the music so much so that everything else disappears. Slow motion was key to create a really emotive cinematic experience watching her sway to the music with her eyes closed. As the experience intensifies she becomes more and more turned on, letting the music take over.

I accentuated this through the use of light leaks pulsating almost orgasmically building up to a climax before the chorus. For the chorus the video explodes in a number of split screen set ups with cheeky little overlaps and modern graphic designs that are cool yet minimal. A combination of repetitive static movements contrasted with banging dance moves.

As for the bridge I really wanted to go back to some old school triple shots and a little reference to Andy Warhol’s Elvis print. Later things get sexy. We weren’t afraid to push it with this one, minimal clothing and sensual touching made this sequence explode. It was Kane’s idea to break the theme and have him sing this setup which really worked as our attention was 100% on the experience and nothing else.

The lighting was something we really had to nail in order to stay in keeping with the tone. We chose moody top lighting with soft definition to make everything blend together. During the break the light levels increased and decreased but only affecting the background to add to the sense of getting lost in a pulsating world. Cool, classy and sexy – I recon that’s Kane all over.