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Kane Luke Music Video - Hearts aren't made of Wood

If Kane’s last video was Dolce and Gabbana then this is 90s Gap with a dirty Terry Richardson twist.

We wanted to keep in with Kane’s slightly retro sound while evolving from his last video. Colour added, a unique visual design, quirky edit and an enhanced style of lighting.

Instead of translating the song directly to the screen we chose to recreate the tone and mood visually. The colour pallet was muted greys, whites and pale golden browns to really set the mood. It was important that it wasn’t too overpowering, wasn’t too clean but still sexy.

The design is a mixture of split screens inspired by 1968 movie ‘Bullitt’ and modern text overlays. The effect of this was to create something recognisable from modern times while respecting the cool looks of the late 60s/early 70s. To add a twist we froze moments in their relationship, tracking past them to emphasise their mannequin-ness.

The style of editing was a lot of fun (and work). Through the use of jump cuts we were able to send the contemporary choreography into a more alternative direction. Changing the order of moves or repeating them allowed me to change the rhythm of the movements.

The break in the song allowed for a visual metaphor conveying that there are many sides to a story. This was achieved by having Kane and Jess sing the same lyrics in different orientations which was then changed in post to create the illusion of movement.

The lighting had to feel different this time around. Instead of moody top lighting we lit straight on from the front creating a cool spot light with soft definition. We took inspiration from photographer Terry Richardson’s 90s work; spot on and dirty. Tried a lot of new things with this video and we’re all thrilled it paid off.

Tai Campbell, Creative Director at EPiK Music Videos.

'I have worked with Tai & Epik! on 3 music videos from my album project, The New Citizen Kane. Having quite strong stylistic ideas, Tai has been great at breathing life into my initial concepts and taking them to the next level, while staying within my budget requirements & time constrictions.. Lots of last minute dot come moments, but always delivered on time!', Kane Luke.