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Tom Frampton featuring Miss K. Music Video Production - Again

 Bright lights, everything is moving slowly, a young woman lost – looking for something. The theme of the song; a woman so in love that she will stay with her man even though he has cheated, reflected through the video’s story.

The elements of melodic dubstep and dance guided the style of shooting and editing, it was really important that they were intrinsically linked.

The video had to feel modern, a visual experience that was relevant. Using a lens light we were able to achieve a glamorous look for the close ups; intimate with a “wow factor”.

The strong flatter lighting of Miss. K’s close-ups combined with slow motion singing at x2 speed music made her moments to the camera stand out from the set pieces.

For the club scenes the colour scheme was important; red, pink and blue.

Friendly yet dangerous. In the later set pieces silhouettes and lower key lighting characterised the change in tone. The style of editing was key to the changing pace of the video and something we had a lot of fun with.

It was clear from the get go that Tom and Miss. K wanted the editing to be energetic and in rhythm with the song. A steady pace was maintained in the verses but when the beat dropped we are transported into a world of impact jump cuts combining regular speed and slow motion to recreate the experience of being lost in the music only to wake from the trance.

  • Tai Campbell, Creative Director at EPiK Music Videos.
  • Directed and Edited by: Tai Campbell @Epik Music Videos
  • Artist: Tom Frampton
  • Filmed at Camberwell Studios