Motion Pictures and Film Director Tom Beckwith Phillips


After graduating with a degree in Communications (film major), Tom started working with a television production company Beyond Productions in Sydney, on content for Discovery Channel. He then moved on to work in commercials, video effects and film.

Tom loves directing work that takes you to an entirely different world, a world full of fairytales and fantasies that can mesmerise you with just visual effects.

According to Tom, his work is defined by magical realism and cartoonesque fantasy, and as a filmmaker, romance remains his favourite topic. He can bring an element of magical to the real any given day.

Tom has worked on some big name projects such as Harry Potter, Sunshine, Sweeney Todd, G.I. Joe, etc. In 2005, Visual Effects Society in Los Angeles awarded Tom with the VES Award for excellence in visual effects. His short film ‘Sometimes the Moon is Velvet’ also won him the best short film at Rhode Island Film Festival in 2010.

At present Tom is working on a feature film that is an adaptation of the popular British novel, ‘The Girl With Glass Feet’ by Ali Shaw.

Tom has worked with Epik for quite a while now, and recently on a music video for the modern violin duo FUSE. The video called upon the full range of Tom’s CGI skills and is full of visual effects that brings out the magic of their performance.

Watch one of Tom's music video: