The Videos

Here are two videos we conceived, wrote, filmed and produced to educate Cap Gemini staff about upcoming GDPR issues (General Data Protection Regulations). Arguably one of the dullest subjects on earth, nonetheless GDPR poses a very real concern for all companies and particularly for blue-chip organisations operating globally. Put simply, one mistake handling someones personal data can have huge legal and financial ramifications. In a litigious age, why bother take the chance. So, for a laugh, we made a comedy.

The brief was to appeal to a global audience. We know for a fact that we made a Swede and a Kiwi chuckle. But we can’t tell you who. Researched by us. Written by us. Filmed by us. Edited by us.


  • Director - Tai Campbell
  • Assistant Director - Cyrus Mirzashafa
  • DOP - Tom Watts
  • 1st AC - Will Wallace Leon
  • Gaffer - Leon
  • Sound Recordist - Lee Collins
  • Art Department - Olivia Angelica
  • HMU - Sian Roberts
  • Producer - Andy Woodruff
  • Client Rep - Jeff Graham


  • James Elmes - Voice of Reason
  • Michael Gamble - Customer Service
  • Marlon Kameka - Technician
  • Acushla-Tara Kupe - Marketing
  • Jacob Stevens - Sales
  • Jodyanna Richardson - Line Manager