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Welcome to EPiK Music Videos. Here is our latest 'reel for your interest and delectation.

2016 Showreel - it's EPiK

Music videos are our job, our work and our passion. We love making them.

We are EPiK Music Videos - an independent London based music video production company operating from our own studios just south of the river in groovy Camberwell.

Since starting we have been fortunate enough to work with artists across the musical spectrum: Hip-Hop, Indie, Pop, Metal, Classical, Dance, Urban and Soul.

100% original creative music videos should be accessible to all artists; established or starting out. It's important to us that we are able to develop a good relationship with the artist – this is key to creating a video that is memorable, achieves its objectives and leaves everyone wanting more.

We work with established as well up and coming directors but only with experienced crews. We are always on time and budget.

Use the contact form to your right to get in touch for more information and find out how we work with record labels.

If you prefer, you can call us on 020 7733 4166 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our latest music videos

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