Epik's Music Videos Portfolio

Sonic Mud Records is a website that connects artists with professional musicians to create great music. The idea was to recreate the experience of using Sonic Mud Records visually – a virtual journey that’s cool, fun and collaborative. This could only be created using green screen allowing me to place the talent in an artificial environment.

The journey follows the progression of the song, as more instruments are added to the song more musicians are added visually until we have a full band. This meant that every player had their moment.

Strong definition with a heavy use of shadow reminiscent of ‘Persona 5’ created a great contrast against the flat yellow – an image that makes a big impact. For the closer shots I added different textures to create a tactile feeling reminding us that this is a virtual world.

One element that I got to have a lot of fun with was visualising the sound of instruments in creative ways. This worked so well that I made it a visual theme that accompanied the rhythm of the song. I also love the energy and physicality from the lead talented Gergo who added a little cheekiness to his performance.

Production Team

Director – Tai Campbell

DOP – Jack Smith

Production Assistant – Benjah Bless

Hair & Make-up – Sian Hennessey