Epik's Music Videos Portfolio

The Music Video

Blue, is an 8mm field day... literally! We took the talent Jennings Couch, some glorious 200T 8mm Kodak film, a Blackmagic URSA, and some more talent in the form of our crew and shot for about half hour in Tottenham Hale, until we were kicked off the park. We then rushed over to Hackney Downs to shoot a few extra pieces and as we say in the west 'Bob's your uncle'. It was probably the quickest turn around for a video shoot ever! And fortunately we hit all the beats we wanted, which was an 8mm luscious performance piece, gently littered with some digital.

The Production Crew

Directed by Cyrus Mirzashafa 

Edited by Cyrus Mirzashafa

Produced by Cyrus Mirzashafa, Andy Woodruff & Epik Music Videos

DOP - Olivia Angelique

Camera Assistant - Matt Lewis

1st AC - Patricia Sommer

Camera Assistant & Grip by Biagio Cilia

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