Epik's Music Videos Portfolio

Montana - "Feels So Good"

The Music Video

Our aim was to make a slick and stylish music video so thought less traditional music video and more fashion promo. How do you depict someone in love with a feeling?

We used two main settings; an ash grey infinite space and an infinite white space. The grey space was intimate yet moody allowing moments of silent intensity through the use of subtle movements and close ups. The white allowed for more energetic and stylish shots, here we allowed ourselves to have a little more fun. For the white set up the dancers were given a secret word to use as inspiration for their freestyle. What were they? I’ll never tell.

The video definitely has elements of sexiness without it being thrust in your face, I like that. What helped was the style of lighting, which was soft with gentle definition and no harsh lines or shadows to create the smooth soft look.

Another bit of fun came in the edit where we danced with the dancers. By this I mean cuts were added to the dance routines creating new dance moves. Some shots were repeated; others had beats skipped creating something new.

The People Behind the Production

  • Director - Tai Campbell
  • DOP - Tom Watts 1st
  • AC - Rob Harwood 1st
  • AD - Bryony Neylan-Francis
  • Runner - Holly Wright