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Summer Ball 2013 - Event Filming Video

One of the biggest University Balls in Britain attracting acts like The Maccabees, Devlin and The Hoosiers and many others we captured the grandeur and emotional journey that was the 16hr Roehampton Summer Ball 2013!


The theme for this festival video was ‘The Circus’ focusing on the fun, the energy and the excitement. This was achieved by having vibrant reds, a large amount of energetic shots and the fun fair being a heavy feature.


To add a sense of personal interaction with the people of the festivals we introduced the “Festival Wall” where everyone was encouraged to make an energetic action for the camera, “The White Board” which gave people a chance to describe their experience in just one word and also the “Video Booth” where we saw groups pose for the camera.

Visually we went with all natural lights with a streak filter to give it that look that’s so hot right now with a touch of dramatic innovation using the projector on the faces of people. For the acts we wanted the shots to be as dynamic as possible combining energetic shots with moments of slow motion.


The tracks chosen to guide this festival video through its journey were Tongue Tied (Group Love), Radioactive (Imagine Dragons) and Higher Love (James Vincent McMorrow). Using pace to create an emotional rollercoaster – high fun energy for the start, higher energy with attitude for the middle then a mellow emotive finish.