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Sometimes you want to just strip it back. You don’t need the fancy narratives or the choreography, you just want it to be you, doing what you do best - performing music.  And often you can’t beat the charisma of a performing musician, strutting their stuff alongside bandmates, or filling the screen with a solo performance. 

After all, if the tunes are good, and the band is top notch, then why complicate things?

Take a soulful rapper like Mr Phillpotts. We’re not going to take the limelight away from a voice as smooth as that. No, the camera is square on him and his jazz-flavoured ensemble, and the focus is on the gentle melody of their song ‘What’s Your Number?’.

But a performance video need not be simple. When we collaborated with Hastings metalheads Arivmia to make a music video production for their killer track ‘Fear of the Book’, we knew just what was needed. In their live event and music festival appearances, ‘Fear of the Book’ is a riff-heavy, head-banging monster of a tune, so we captured that intense vibe in the studio, and intercut footage from a creepy gothic horror short film to give it a suitably eerie atmosphere.

So, if you are a newcomer or a seasoned veteran, a band or a solo star, and your strength lies in the electricity of performance, then we hear you. We at EPiK are music video producers who love music, and love crafting music videos that suit any genre, style or mood. If you’re interested in making a performance video, then let’s talk. Let’s strip it back together.

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