Music Video Production Services

Live Event Filming

Queen at Live Aid. Pink Floyd at Pompeii. The Beatles at Shea Stadium. Each a gig that was captured in a performance video like no other. You wish you were there, but through the power of a music video, you can feel like you were. 

The best bands, the best songs, but without the hassle and the headaches of schlepping to a music event or music festival.

But live event videos are also documents. Documents of the thrill, the excitement, and the overwhelming atmosphere that come from the unpredictable, unadorned context of a live performance. They’re great ways of capturing what has happened before, but also showing what can happen again. Your fans can relive their memories, but new fans can see what they’ve missed out on - and promoters, managers and the press can see what happens when you hit the stage.

So, wherever you’re going, we at EPiK can pack ourselves into our company camper van, and go on the road to film your music festival, gig performance, or whatever live event you have planned. We’ve filmed everything from fancy dinners to white-collar boxing. You provide the destination, we’ll bring the kit, the know-how, and, thankfully, the earplugs.

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