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So, the music video creation process is over. But what comes next? We at EPiK could sit back and watch music videos all day long.  But sometimes, when you really love an artist, you want to know a little more.  You’ve seen their videos, heard their tunes, and maybe caught them at a music festival - now you want to know what they think.

That’s where the interview video comes in. When you want to show the faces behind the music, and put a bit of chat out into the great musical cosmos, there’s nothing better than an interview video. Whether it’s presenter-led, or talking head; promoting a single, or putting forth your musical manifesto, the interview trains the audience’s ear not on your music, but on you.

Remember, we at EPiK aren’t just a music video production company, we’ve worked with everything from big-name stars to upcoming talent - so we know the right questions to get the best out of you. But we’re also flexible. If you want to shoot an interview video at a live event, festival, or in a fancy studio with a glammed-up presenter, we can fix you up.

All musicians have something to say, but sometimes music just isn’t enough.

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