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Fashion Shoot Commissions

Music and fashion are intimate bedfellows in so many ways: the clothes the artist wears are an integral part of who they are, the way fashion videos are filmed and their reliance on music to push the visuals along to create an overall sense. Both seek the zeitgeist. Both follow the exact same development process: Objectives, ideas, concepts, iteration, shots lists and so forth. The idea is everything and just like a music video, the scope for interpretation is vast.

Epik loves fashion. So when you next need a production studio to collaborate with for your next piece of fashion content, give us a shout. We are creative, dynamic & cost effective – and we can provide everything from Directorial treatment, to production management and crew to post production services.

Our Showreel

If you are a fashion brand interested in creating a piece of visual content, give Epik a call to discuss a special offer, where we will create you a video and only charge the cost price.


Who are we? Our credentials

We are an experienced team of passionate filmmakers, film-industry veterans and online marketers, providing ideas and answers in the film production and marketing industry. We developed our business in 3 distinct units:

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You are currently on our music video production website where we work with artists and bands in the creation of contemporary music visuals - targeting the zeitgeist! Our corporate video production, Webvideos, arm with a focus on video-marketing At our studios in Camberwell we work with London and the UK’s leading production companies providing studio space and expertise.