The Videos

This is one of two videos we conceived, wrote, filmed and produced to educate Capgemini staff about upcoming GDPR issues (General Data Protection Regulations - see note ±1 below). Arguably one of the dullest subjects on earth, nonetheless GDPR poses a very real concern for all companies and particularly for blue-chip organisations operating globally. Put simply, one mistake handling someones personal data can have huge legal and financial ramifications. In a litigious age, why bother take the chance. So, for a laugh, we made a comedy.

The brief was to appeal to a global audience. We know for a fact that we made a Swede and a Kiwi chuckle. But we can’t tell you who. Researched by us. Written by us. Filmed by us. Edited by us.


  • Director - Tai Campbell
  • Assistant Director - Cyrus Mirzashafa
  • DOP - Tom Watts
  • 1st AC - Will Wallace Leon
  • Gaffer - Leon
  • Sound Recordist - Lee Collins
  • Art Department - Olivia Angelica 
  • HMU - Sian Roberts 
  • Producer - Andy Woodruff
  • Client Rep - Jeff Graham 


  • James Elmes - Voice of Reason
  • Michael Gamble - Customer Service
  • Marlon Kameka - Technician
  • Acushla-Tara Kupe - Marketing
  • Jacob Stevens - Sales
  • Jodyanna Richardson - Line Manager