Music videos from the 80's: 9 iconic videos we should know about

  • 30 Sep, 2013

30 odd years ago when Colour Television was still a trendy new thing, MTV revolutionised the way we watched TV with awesomely awesome music videos.And awesome I say, because those of us who were born in the 80s will perhaps be the only generation that grew up with the legends... 

Madonna was in her prime and even MJ was still there kicking it moonwalk style! Quite nostalgic.

Yes, those were the times when everyone was experimenting to find their true calling and every other music video came out with something special and unique. So this time we are going to revisit the magic with some of the most iconic 80's music videos:


1. The Rolling Stones – Start Me Up

It really didn't matter if the video was shot in a day if it had The Rolling Stones stare you in the face with their behind. Musicians were still trying to get comfortable with the idea of a music video, and if nothing else, they were not willing to spend more than they could make. How wrong were they!


2. Michael Jackson – Thriller

And then there were some like the King of Pop himself, who would go to any lengths to woo their audiences, special effects included. Yes, a music video that went on and on for 14 minutes was still very passionately watched!


3. Olivia Newton-John – Physical

Perhaps 80s saw an end to the disco, which ruled a good part of three decades. However, some music videos combined the good old disco gear with the new fashion to create eye candies like Physical.


4. Duran Duran – Is There Something I Should Know

The 80s were also a perfect setting to a new generation of people who were conscious about everything around them, from politics to social issues like feminism and rights. Many music videos focused on this aspect of life in the 80s.


5. Pat Benatar – Love is a battlefield


6. Twisted Sister – We're Not Gonna Take It


7. Culture Club – Boy George: Karma Chameleon

Still, there were others who were more honest about their feelings (well, not as openly as Robin Thicke!), for example California Girls, which had lots of girls in skimpy bikinis!


8. David Lee Roth – California Girls

Not to forget, the 80s also had the first of the X-factor like competitions for musicians on TV. This band of four 'Bucks Fizz' were idols for many British kids after winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981.


9. Buzz Fizz – Making Your Mind Up


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Written by Shubhit S., Epik music Videos - September 2013


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